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Thank you for checking out our Wedding page. We provide custom Wedding services for the bride and groom who are looking for something more artistic, more natural, or more traditional. We strive hard to provide a service and product which are unique yet reasonably priced. When your wedding day is over and the candles blown out, you’ll take three things home with you: your spouse, your ring, and your memories. We bring those memories to life for you, over and over again. Like a glittering ring, quality wedding services is an investment that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

Our wedding photography and video packages are flexible, and we’re always happy to customize one for you. Just ask. And there are no hidden surprises or extra fees after the event. Just stunning photography and cinematic footage, great customer service, and beautiful memories.

You’ll love them. We promise.

After your wedding day, your photographer will create your customized gallery, a beautiful and expressive set of images telling your wedding story. 

You will receive all of your images in a customized gallery, with complete rights to reprint. Video captured will be given in 2 parts: raw footage and the Cinematic Edit. Your Photographer will work  to design, edit, and build the albums and videos to match your vision.

All Packages can be customized to fit you. Complimentary items that are included in Wedding Packages, can be substituted for another item; that is offered in the package.

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* Consultations are required, with you before and after the wedding to talk over all the details.